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In Home High Speed Multimedia Network based on IEEE 1394

Start: 1/1/2000
End: 12/31/2001

Project Status History
Digital in-house technology enables new services, applications and communication structures. Digital audio video and control data require new kinds of networking with high data throughput and reliability. The User and the market demand more user- friendliness. The purpose of the project is to develop and integrate different home devices and functions inside the home into a comprehensive in-home network concept. New interfaces, user software and related middleware will be developed. The research activities ill cover the issues of interoperability, usability, easy access to other networks and reliability. The 1394 networking is the basic technology for the project. It offers high data rates until 400 Mbit/s und in future 3200 Mbit/s. Furthermore the bus performance fits to the needs of convergence between PC and Consumer electronics. OBJECTIVES The main objective of the project is the development of a next generation in-home network. It will integrate different technologies with regard to new in-house buses and prototypes of end devices including consumer electronics, white goods, and telecommunication devices in order to provide convergence between the different technologies. The main characteristics of this in-home network will be reliability, high interoperability, self-configuration, usability, scalability, performance, plug and play. A furteer objective is to provide a set of new applications by utilizing the developed in-home network and a new generation of user interfaces. In particular the following prototypes will be developed: Multimedia TV Terminal, IEEE 1394 Satellite Front end, Multimeaia-Domotic Controler, Home Navigator including various Home Services. All devices will communicate with each other over an IEEE 1394 data backbone. DESCRIPTION OF WORK The consortium will integrate several digital devices and services in complete network architecture. All devices will communicate with each other over an IEEE 1394 date backbone. In the initial project phase the common architecture will be specified. This includes the introduction of all system components and their interfaces. This architecture will allow various A/V devices, white goods and terminals to be interlinked over a multimedia in-home network and be utilised by innovative applications. Gateway to other bus systems and the external world will complete the system architecture. In closed relationship to that, the evolution and status of available technologies, standardisation, available components, and legal constraints will be investigated. As a result of the evaluation the consortium will decide for the most appropriate, marketable solution. Based on these decisions, the middleware architecture and common API's as well as guidelines for the user interface developments will be specified. The common pecifications will underlie the specifications of the individual devices and applications. These specific specifications and the corresponding developments will take place simultaneously. The first prototypes and devices will be integrated for validation purpose as soon as available. A revision cycle will allow to feedback results from the early evaluation into the specifications as well as into the individual developments. The developments will be finalised by the integration of the full system in lin wit the common architecture and the demonstration of the functionality of the in-home network as developed by InHoMNet. The fully integrated system will be finally verified by a number of end-users and the participation of an industrial user. Their feedack airport will finish the project. The consortium will disseminate significant results. Each company will exploit the results according to the specific marketing strategies.

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