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EUROpean railway open MAINtenance system

Start: 4/1/2002
End: 9/30/2004

Project Status History
The EuRoMain project intends to define and specify a maintenance support system for railways, which will allow to remotely monitor and diagnose complex systems aboard trains and inside fixed plant, automatically link real-time data with suitable technical documentation, retrieving it in standard format from a distributed database, and ubiquitously present the appropriate information to final Users, by means of a complete set of tools. Prototype hardware and software modules will be developed and validated, integrating them within the communication infrastructure developed by the TrainCom project (IST-1999-20096). The results will include proposals for new standards, allowing interoperability between different countries, systems and operators, and paving the way for a new maintenance organisation in Europe. Objectives: - To support and monitor maintenance activities remotely; - To improve systems availability and reliability, therefore reducing failures and related delays; - To reduce maintenance down time and related costs; - To simplify and harmonise the maintenance procedures; - To optimise long-term maintenance planning; - To reduce life cycle cost of equipment; - To improve cooperation and document exchange between involved actors; - To manage and monitor vehicle fleets and plant families; - To promote interoperability of maintenance tools; - To contribute to the establishment of a trans-European railway network; - To open the market to new stake holders, including SMEs. Work description: EuRoMain is aimed at defining, implementing and validating a maintenance support system for railways, which will allow the monitoring and diagnosis of complex equipment aboard trains and inside fixed plants. Starting from existing experience and taking into account results of previous projects, EuRoMain will represent an important step in integrating new advanced technologies (like XML, XSLT, Xlink and others), with existing or upcoming technologies like TCN, GSM-R, GPRS), so that they can be better and widely deployed in the railway field. The project will complete, integrate and expand the definition of the maintenance system, including: - standardisation of formats and models for data exchange and analysis, remote monitoring and diagnostics; - definition of standard rules to produce, classify, store and exchange technical documents; - interfaces and specifications for maintenance and configuration management, troubleshooting, statistics; - common guidelines and basic structure for optimisation of maintenance methodologies. The results will bring a higher level of interoperability and standardisation in railway maintenance, enhancing the vehicle-infrastructure integration. A prototype implementation, based on existing infrastructure, will allow testing and demonstrating the EuRoMain concepts, disseminating the results, showing the system benefits and favouring a wide consensus on the upcoming standardisation proposal. The system will pave the way for a new maintenance organisation in Europe, in accord with present and future needs, so as to achieve a higher level of effectiveness and optimisation, as already shown in other transport modes (e.g. aviation). Milestones: - Contributions to technical specifications for interoperability and European standards; - Architecture and standard platform of the European Diagnostic Data Network, including data formats and diagnostic database; - Standard specification of the European Technical Documentation Network, including document DTDs and codification rules; - Infrastructure for Logistic Applications Standardisation and Interoperability, including configuration database and interfaces to third parties applications.

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