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  About IST World  

Last modified: April 2007


IST World is a Specific Support Action (SSA) project, funded within the Sixth Framework Programme - IST (Information Society Technology) of the Commission of the European Communities - Contract No: FP6-2004-IST-3 - 015823, which started in April 2006 and will end with September 2007. For more information about the IST World project visit the project site:


The IST World portal is built on the CERIF standard and currently contains the following data:


Automated Data Collection:
With the latest portal release in April 2007, the CORDIS FP5 and FP6 data have been cleaned by
supervised machine learning methods with a major focus on duplicate identification of organisations
within FP5 and FP6. Cleaning of the crawled GoogleScholar data is foreseen in a next step.

External Data Provision:
We are very grateful to the following organisations for their valuable data provided, and for
their interest and support of the IST World project:

    • Singleimage, UK manually cleaned and provided FP5 + FP6 IST data.
      [organisations and projects]
    • EPRI-start project transferred their data by the end of the project.
      [SMEs in NMSs]
    • Hungarian (HunCRIS) CERIF-based repository transferred their IST related data.
      [organisations, experts, projects]
    • Russian (SININ) Techbrid project transferred their data by the end of the project.
      [organisations and projects in the Social Sciences]
    • Serbian data
      [organisations, experts, publications]


National Repositories or Collections:
We are very grateful to the IST World consortium members for data provision of the:

    • Bulgarian repository
      [organisations, experts, projects, publications]
    • Estonian CERIF-based repository
      [organisations, experts, projects, publications]
    • International Language Technology repository (LT World)
      [organisations, experts, projects]
    • Czech Republic collection
      [organisations, publications]
    • Cyprus collection
      [organisations, projects]
    • Hungarian collection
    • Latvian collection
      [organisations, experts, projects]
    • Lithuanian collection
      [organisations, projects]
    • Polish collection
      [organisations, projects]
    • Romanian collection
      [projects, organisations, experts]
    • Slovak collection
      [experts, organisations, projects]
    • Turkish collection
      [SMEs, projects, experts]



IST World Consortium

The project consortium is formed by DFKI, Institute Jozef Stefan, Ontotext Lab (Sirma Group Corp.), RTD Talos, Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Archimedes Foundation, Computer and Automation Research Institute (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science (University of Latvia), Lithuanian Innovation Centre, Projects in Motion, Silesian University of Technology, National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, Slovak University of Technology, TUBITAK, The Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils.

  Participant Name Short Name Country  
  Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (Co-ordinator) DFKI Germany  
  Institute Jožef Stefan JSI Slovenia  
  Ontotext Lab (Sirma Group Corp.) ONT Bulgaria  
  RTD Talos Talos Cyprus  
  Institute of Information Theory and Automation UTIA Czech Republic  
  Archimedes Foundation AF Estonia  
  Computer and Automation Research Institutek, Hungarian Academy of Sciences MTA SZTAKI Hungary  
  Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia IMCS Latvia  
  Lithuanian Innovation Centre LIC Lithuania  
  Projects in Motion PiM Malta  
  Technical University of Silesia SUT Poland  
  National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics ICI Romania  
  Slovak University of Technology STUBA Slovakia  
  The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey TUB Turkey  
  The Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils CCLRC United Kingdom  
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